Monday, January 4, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3425: Donald Trump's first Campaign Ad Commercial - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

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Donald Trump's first campaign ad was released earlier today. It's a 30 second commercial reiterating some of his same statements and promises he's made before.

As a forum for learning body language, Mr. Trump's commercial provides an illustration in an often over-generalized nonverbal signal: The Jaw Jut.

Statistically, the most common emotion being manifested with a jaw jut is that of anger. However, as with all body language - it can have different meanings depending upon the other nonverbal signals with which it is clustered. Think of it this way - a woman can be "hot" - or it's "hot" outside in Phoenix in August - or these peperoncini are "hot" - or the subject of the growing rift between Iran and Saudi Arabia is certainly a "hot" topic in the news. In these examples, the word "hot" is a homonym. It's spelled the same and pronounced the same - yet it has four very different meanings. When each word is lifted out of its respective sentence - and evaluated in isolation (out of context) we would have no idea which meaning was being used. However, within their sentences, even a 12 year can readily discern the differences. There are many body language homonyms too - and a jaw jut is but one. The trick is, to be able to "read" the rest of the (body language) sentence - not just one word.

A specific subset of this nonverbal is exhibited when A. anger is not present, and B. the jaw juts forward with C. significant lower teeth exposure - as seen here in successive photos of Donald Trump from his campaign ad as he says, "We will Make - America - Great - Again" - different emotions are present.

Regardless of the cause, whenever you see a jaw jutting forward, you can be sure an emotional state which is far from baseline is being experienced. If anger is absent (look for the many other signals of anger) - and if the lower teeth are also being bared - then with very high probability there is a combination of both hubris and insincerity present.


"... Make ..."


"... America ..."


"... Great ..."


"... Again ..."

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