Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3441: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Interview regarding Flint's Water Crisis - Is He Being Honest and Sincere? - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder was interviewed earlier yesterday by Charlie LeDuff (a journalist from WJBK - a local Fox affiliate television station from Detroit) regarding Flint's ongoing water crisis. The entire published video interview is included above.

This is an immense tragedy and no one can blame any Flint citizen - particularly a parent, for being beside themselves with anger and frustration. 

Although Mr. LeDuff did not ask Gov. Snyder directly, "Did you know about lead contamination in Flint's water supply for days, weeks or months prior to the public at large?" or "Were you party to a cover-up?" (or variations on this theme) - Rick Snyder was entirely truthful and sincere during this interview.

Specifically, Governor Synder's paralanguage, verbal language and body language were all congruent - indicating a high sincerity quotient. He skirted the question as to whether certain people were asked to resign (which is what occurred, at least with some individuals - did you see the nonverbal tells?), resigned of their own accord or were fired outright - yet there were no indications of deception present during this interview.

The Governor's sincerity and truthfulness during this interview, certainly does NOT excuse him from his ultimate responsibility as "Captain of the Ship" of the State of Michigan. And of course at best gross negligence and incompetence have occurred at multiple levels - and indeed there may have been a cover-up on some level with some individuals (subordinate to Gov. Snyder) - however in this interview, Rick Snyder is being sincere and truthful.

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