Monday, January 18, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3438: Hillary Clinton, What's Your Relationship with Vladimir Putin? - Democratic Debates - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last night during the Democratic Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton was asked, "What's your relationship with him?" (Vladimir Putin). In the moments immediate thereafter, the former Senator's body language betrayed her thought-emotions.

0:02 - 0:08,
0:11 - 0:16 and
0:18 - 0:19

Mrs. Clinton looks up (but just a bit, not extremely so) and fixes her focus in the distance simultaneous with blushing

This nonverbal cluster-context indicates the question concerning Putin has caught her off-guard and that she's in a bit of a panic. It's crucial to note that this and her other nonverbal behavior (laughter, smiling) is highly congruent with her verbal language and paralanguage (repeating the question, stuttering, stalling, stammering, etc.).

0:40 as the former First Lady speaks of the "... and the downing - of the airliner ..."(Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 aka MH17)

As soon as Mrs. Clinton re-orients herself and decides what she's going to say, her entire demeanor changes - including an immediate resolution of her bushing, smiling and laughing as well as different directions to her dialog-gaze direction and vocal qualities.

Looking down to the right in the majority (but not all) of right hand dominant people indicates the recalling of significant and sincere emotional experiences. Depending on the other nonverbals with which it's clustered, it may also be associated with a kinesthetic recollection and/or real-time experience.

During 0:43 as Mrs. Clinton says, "... but we've got to be more united in preventing Putin ..."

Looking down to one's left in the majority (but not all) of right handed people is indicative of internal dialog and the formulation of syntax and phrasing (e.g., the person is formulating an answer a few seconds prior to speaking it aloud).

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