Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3436: Is Hillary Clinton Intimidated by Donald Trump? Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Hillary Clinton was recently a guest on The Tonight Show - and Jimmy Fallon asked the possible democratic nominee an interesting and rarely posed question.

Beginning at 2:50, Fallon asks Secretary Clinton, "And I was just wondering, does that, does he intimidate you - Donald Trump?"

Hillary's response, "No."

Do you believe Mrs. Clinton was sincere in her answer? This is, of course, a different question than, Will Mrs. Clinton be intimidated if she in fact runs against him in November?

The former first lady is not very highly skilled nonverbally. One of the many ramifications of this, is that she is poor at hiding her true feelings.


Note when Mrs. Clinton answers, she does not blink for a prolonged time. This is highly significant.


This is a sincere smile (Duchenne Smile).

The first blink Mrs. Clinton displays after answering "No." occurs during 2:57.5

This blink is one of an extended duration - and is consistent with confidence and even hyperconfidence, rather than intimidation.


Secretary Clinton looks down to her right, exhibits a jaw jut with a forward lip purse - all superimposed on a sincere smile while shaking her head (back and forth) and answering, "No." once again.

Of course she wants to be President and is (like all presidential candidates) very determined - yet this nonverbal cluster context conveys that Hillary Clinton's looking forward to any confrontation with Donald Trump - be it on the debate stage or in the voting booth.

Taken in toto, Mrs. Clinton's response is sincere - she is, in fact, not intimidated by Donald Trump. Of course this may change after the conventions this summer, but currently she has no fear of the businessman-turned politician.

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