Monday, October 5, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3331: Mila finds out Adam Levine got married - Rapid Transitioning of Emotions (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Most any parent will empathize with this moment. In this short, but viral video, Mila learns that Adam Levine (her first crush) is now married and thus we are witnesses to several classic, and rapidly transitioning facial expressions.

Quizzical with some hesitancy

Anticipation with mild anxiety

Awaiting Mom's announcement

Adam Levine got Married

Mouth drops open (significant vertical component), slack-jawed in surprise

Eyes are open wider than baseline
(although they could be wider)

Surprise transitioning to Anger

This emotional mixture is extremely short-lived

Eyes wider opened

Significant Sadness-Grief

Note Central Forehead is Contracted and elevated

Eyelids partially closed

Although the resolution is poor, we can see Mila's inner (medial) eyebrows are directed upward (although we can only directly visualize her left eyebrow)

Anyone who is sincerely sad or truly grieving will have an elevated central forehead contraction - but they also will have (and must have) a congruently-sad mouth expression. Many times of course, these facial components are much more subtle than they are exampled here. But if emotional pain or physical pain is being experience (either directly or for another via empathy) - these two nonverbals must always be present. Learn to see the subtle signals - they surround you.

Of course, few (if anyone) would doubt Mila's sincerity in this moment - yet she provides for us a fantastic body language teaching moment.

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