Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3345: Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and a Handshake at the U.N. (PHOTOS)

Although it was not the first time they met on this day, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama are captured here shaking hands at the recent United Nations General Assembly. This was, as so many are in the political realm, a highly choreographed moment - and yet what emotional information still "leaks"?

One key nonverbal tell in this photo is the relative angle/direction of their bodies. Mr. Obama is leaning into the handshake - projecting confidence, strength, an alpha emotional tone - and, although we know it's not the case here, it may (depending on the other body language with which it is clustered) also signal a genuine liking of the other person. What specific expression on Barack's face tells us that he doesn't care for Vladimir?

Vladimir Putin is leaning away from greeting the American - which may signal one of several things - disgust/dislike for Mr. Obama - or it could also be a signal of weakness & lower confidence - of a  beta emotional tone.  There are two very specific body language tells the Russian President is transmitting here which help us further thin-slice his emotions. What are they?

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