Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3352: Donald Trump's Contradictory Body Language (PHOTOS)

Like many politicians, Donald Trump is fond of flashing the "Thumbs Up" sign - as if it's their default setting. A thumbs up is one of many examples of what in body language parlance is known as an emblem. An emblem is universally or regionally recognized nonverbal signal which is understood to have a specific meaning.

In this example, Trump's thumbs up configuration is consciously generated - for he's trying to project agreement and optimism. Yet when we look at his face, his subconsciously initiated expression shouts loud with two other thought-emotions on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Donald's primary emotion is that of disgust - and it's quite strong (mid-face tension, nostril flaring, and amplified by partial eyelid closure/eyebrows drawn closer together). His secondary thought-emotion is that of a clandestine disagreement and/or a clandestine plan (forward lip pursing). In other words, although he's saying he's agreeing with a person/group with his thumb - what he's really thinking is:

1. "You disgust me."


2. "I know how I'm going to deal with you, but I'm not telling you."

Whenever you see consciously initiated nonverbal signs together with unconsciously generated ones (the vast, vast majority) - it's the unconsciously driven body language that always tells the true thought-feelings.

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