Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2976: Joseph Goebbels - Hitler's Propaganda Minister Showed this Chronic Display - Body Language Tells (PHOTO)

This is a very famous picture of Joseph Goebbels taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt at the League of Nations Conference in Geneva in 1933. Only weeks before Goebbels had become Hitler's Propaganda Minister. Mr. Eisenstaedt was a well-known and respected photographer by 1933 and although Goebbels was initially friendly towards him, once Goebbels learned Eisenstaedt was Jewish, he gave the photographer this expression.

While most people can see anger on Goebbels' face - characterized primarily by his eyebrows pulling inwards and downward as well as significant tension in his eyelids - most people do not see and cannot name the other emotion here - contempt.

Contempt in this moment (although there are other nonverbal variations not seen here) is described by some as a one-sided snarl - a unilateral contraction of the upper lip, the mustache area (between the upper lip and nose) and nostril flaring - all on the same side. What are some other manifestations of contempt?

All human beings occasionally experience and thus from time to time display every negative emotion. Yet, those who commit violence, hate crimes, terrorism, war crimes, etc. - will chronically manifest the nonverbal signals of contempt and/or disgust. If a person habitually shows such body language (and most times it is much more subtle) - steer clear!

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