Friday, October 17, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2985: Penélope Cruz is Esquires's 2014 Sexiest Woman Alive - Body Language of Flirting (PHOTOS)

Earlier this week Esquire Magazine named Penélope Cruz as their 2014 "Sexiest Woman Alive". The body language cluster that the Spanish beauty displays in the above image is one that most men find particularly provocative and one all women can use to allure.

This configuration is classically flirtatious and irresistible - looking backwards over a mildly raised shoulder with the head tilted down so that the eyes are looking up. This make the eyes appear larger and is a nonverbal combination that will captivate many males while engendering feelings strength and dominance. Her slightly open mouth, with hair partially covering her eyes as well as bare shoulders all amplify this "come hither" look. The stroking of her hair and lower back arching completes this seductive series.

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