Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2970: Benjamin Netanyahu & Barack Obama at the White House - What Netanyahu Really Feels (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

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Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington D.C. today to discuss a Mideast peace agreement and a nuclear deal with Iran. In the short video above he is seen making a statement at the White House with Barack Obama by his side. And although the Israeli Prime Minister's words were that of unity and thanks, he displayed a classic nonverbal signal of disgust. His words were not congruent with his thought-emotions.

This image (and its close up below) show clear disgust on Netanyahu's face. It lasts for less than a few tenths of a second during the 0:07 - 0:08 segment of the video, thus it is classified as a microexpression. This is subconsciously generated and while the Prime Minister is a skilled public speaker with a skilled "poker face", strong feelings are impossible to suppress entirely and constantly - so they leak out. And if you know what to look - you will see what virtually everyone will miss.

At 0:03 Netanyahu begins, "Mr. President first I want to thank you. I want to thank you for the ah [pause][disgust microexpression] unflinching support you gave Israel during our difficult days ...."

This particular example of disgust is very evanescent and not fully formed. A more extreme disgust display includes varying degrees of:

•    Wrinkles on the bridge of the Nose
•    Accentuated nasal labial furrows on the sides of the nose
•    Lower Lip is raised and protruded
•    Upper Lip is raised (sometimes very high) and slightly protruded
•    The upper lip and the area between the upper lip and nose (mustache area) is tightened
•    Flaring of the nostrils
•    Lowering of the eyebrows (but they are not drawn together as in anger)
•    Crow’s Feet on the lateral sides of the eyes
•    Chin wrinkling/dimpling
•    Forehead relaxed
•    Pulling the arms close to the torso, with a bending of elbow & hands often drawn toward mouth 
•    Pulling back/retraction of the head, neck, torso 
•    Stepping backwards or leaning to opposite side - away from object of disgust

Disgust can be directed at a thing, a person or a group of people.

The ability to spot often very brief and subtle thought-emotion displays are a skill that very few have but which every single person can profoundly benefit. Whenever there is a disparity between what is said verbally and displayed nonverbally - it is the nonverbal that always tells the truth.

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