Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2991: Gavin Siem flags down Grant County Deputy Dustin Canfield - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In the above video a citizen, Gavin Siem, flags down Grant County, Washington Deputy Sheriff Dustin Canfield to inform him he is breaking the law by using an unmarked patrol car for traffic-related purposes. The video is packed full of highly significant nonverbal signals. The following three images exemplify a simultaneous mixture of three emotions on Officer Canfield's face during a three second segment - although fluctuations of these are occurring.

Incredulity, anger and contempt are all clustered in this moment during the 0:31 mark.

Anger and contempt are the most prevalent (roughly equal) - while his incredulity level is somewhat less.

During 0:33, both Officer Canfield's disbelief increases along with his contempt - while his anger diminishes. 

In this moment (0:34), again we see all three emotions with disbelief and contempt growing even more prominent.

While Officer Canfield certain feels justified in feeling all three of these emotions (and compared to other law enforcement officers he's controlling his temper better the majority would be doing) - their display only serves to escalate the emotional level of both himself as well as whomever he is interacting. This often leads to a crescendo of the same three emotions on both individuals. Those whom have a high likelihood of being in similar scenarios would do well to undergo training in emotional self-awareness thereby increasing safety, effectiveness - and rapport.

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