Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2545: Michelle Rodriguez at Comic-Con 2013, Mirroring and Dialing Up Her Alpha (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this 2013 Comic Con interview, host Sandra Gonzalez displays a "Hair Adjust Behind the Ear" (at 0:22) with her right hand. Less than a second later, Michelle Rodriguez begins an identical gesture with her left hand. Intriguingly this same mirroring occurs later in the video at 0:53 and 0:55 (although Ms. Gonzalez's is not fully visualized). This "Mirroring" is a common nonverbal phenomenon and although it can be initiated consciously, 99.9+% of the time it is initiated subconsciously.

Mirroring can indicate a significant level of rapport or is when it is being sought. It can also be indicator of sexual attraction. When performed deliberately care must be taken to not mirror too exactly in time or preciseness of body language - lest others will recognize this act and it will backfire and quickly destroy rapport.

The "Hair Adjust Behind the Ear" (HABE) fits into a general class of nonverbals known as MAPs (Manipulator, Adaptor, or Pacifier) and this one has a highly specific meaning. Few would argue that Michelle Rodriguez is an alpha female (a' la Machete Kills, The Fast and the Furious, Avatar ...). The accomplished actor also plays those roles on the big screen. Yet even dominant females occasionally will feel the need to "dial up their alpha".  The HABE signals that in that moment their psyche is attempting to be more assertive. It feels the need to be less beta and more alpha. The HABE is seen with much more commonly in women and men with longer hair.

At 0:17 - 0:18, Michelle Rodriguez's mouth configures into what is known as a lateral lip purse. Do you know what this nonverbal sign indicates? What is Michelle thinking?

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