Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2568: Barack Obama Catches Near-Fainting, Pregnant Woman (Karmel Allison) During Speech (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday Barack Obama helped to catch a woman who nearly fainted during a speech at the White House. President Obama was addressing concerns about the highly publicized website problems regarding the Affordable Care Act when a health problem was unfolding behind him.

Just in back of the President's right shoulder was standing Karmel Allison. Ms. Allison is both pregnant and a longstanding type I diabetic.

In this image captured at the 0:07 mark, both of Karmel's eyes, particularly her left eye are momentarily widely opened. This "white and wide" eye configuration is not a symptom or finding of fainting or pre-fainting - rather it is a nonverbal manifestation of her own fear of fainting (after all, nobody wants to faint and she is pregnant, standing in back of the President and on television).
Note also that Ms. Allison's central (inner) eyebrows are also slightly elevated which is also expected for physical or emotional pain.

After Karmel tells the woman to her right of her concerns, the other woman can be seen displaying an inward lip roll (ILR) on multiple occasions (this image was captured at the 0:41). The inward lip roll is seen when the psyche is attempting to suppress the outward body language manifestations and an inward emotional crescendo of a strong emotion. Although the ILR can be seen with joy-happiness, it is usually seen in association with strong negative emotions. It's as if the subconscious is saying, "I need to get emotional control of this situation".

The ILR can also be seen just prior to or during a significant physical act.

What other body language indicators do you see exemplified in this video?

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