Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2550: Sergio Consuegra, the Brave Man Who Stood between the Motorcyclist-Attackers and the SUV Driver, Multiple Microexpressions of Contempt (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Sunday, 30 September 2013, while on his way to church, Sergio Consuegra came to the defense of Alexian Lien the driver of an SUV as well as his wife and child. Dozens of bikers had stopped the SUV on the highway, and after attacking the vehicle, pulled Mr. Lien out and beat him. Mr. Lien had run over a motorcyclist (Edwin Mieses) in his efforts to escape the attack. Mr. Mieses suffered extensive injuries including a fractured spine and both legs. It has been revealed that there were several undercover New York City police officers among the bikers who did not come to the aid of the driver or did not attempt to prevent or curtail the assault.

This post is not an attempt to pass fault or judgment on any party, but to use this video as an example for teaching body language. The vast majority of people in his position would feel the same emotions as Mr. Consuegra.

At multiple times during this interview Mr. Consuegra displayed contempt when describing his dismay at the fact that multiple undercover NYC police officers were among the bikers and did not help. Four distinct and outstanding examples of microexpressions of contempt can be seen at 1:20, 1:23, 1:26 and 1:27. Due to the dynamic, subtle and extremely evanescent nature of these displays - they must be watched (and reviewed several times) to be best appreciated.

Moreover there is additional level of subtle contempt being felt and nonverbally manifested that is present throughout some of this interview - upon which these microexpressions are superimposed. This is contempt expressed in layers - one on top of the other. Look at Mr. Consuegra's eyelids, note that in all but the second of the images below his left lower eyelid is partially closed. Again, this must be watched several times in the video to be best appreciated.

Microexpression of Contempt at 1:20
Note the partial closure of the left eyelid, most notable the left lower lid.

Also note the subtle dilation of the left nostril and elevation of the tissue adjacent to the left side of the nose (a slight snarl).

No contempt display (1:06). Lower eyelids are symmetrical.

Microexpression of Contempt at 1:23

Microexpression of Contempt at 1:26

Microexpression of Contempt at 1:27

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