Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2124:
This Body Language-Facial Display
Should always make you think "Insincere"

When a person is experiencing physical or emotional pain - either directly or indirectly via empathy, the muscles of the central forehead are very often contracted (and the peripheral forehead is relaxed). In these emotional states, the mouth should have a co-existing sadness or fear expression.

When the central forehead muscles are contracted (CFC) - AND there is a simultaneous mouth smile/pseudo-smile - this should always make you think insincerity. Depending on what other signals are present, it can also signal arrogance, contempt or incredulity. From time to time we all display this highly characteristic body language tell - but there are some who display it chronically. Needless to say, chronic insincerity is a huge red flag. Between the two men pictured here - Paul Ryan and Barack Obama, one displays it far more often - who?

When you see this body language cluster ask yourself: 

How often does this person display these nonverbals?
Are their words consistent with insincerity, arrogance, contempt or disbelief?
What body language sign immediately preceded this?