Monday, September 17, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2119:
Shaun White's Mug Shot -
The Flying Tomato's Body Language Tells ....

Shaun White was arrested yesterday in Nashville, Tennessee. He's being charged with vandalism and intoxication. The snowboarding wizard allegedly pulled a fire alarm at the Lowes Vanderbilt Hotel resulting in an evacuation of the guests. He is also is alleged to have destroyed a phone.

In his mug shot image above, the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist's mouth is almost neutral. His forehead shows mild signals of active contraction - exemplified by his elevated eyebrows (slightly more on his left). 

His eyes are the primary areas of interest - displaying some key nonverbals.

In the image below, look carefully at the eye lids. His left lower lid is about 2 mm below the juncture of the cornea/sclera (limbus) while his right lower lid is about 1.5 mm below the limbus. In a resting and relaxed emotional state the limbus is supposed to meet the lower lid margins. Both sides are swollen (mildly on the right, mild-to-moderately on his left) - otherwise the margins of his lids would be retracted even further and display even more "white of the eye" (sclera). This is would also be true of Shaun's upper lids.