Monday, August 20, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2093:
Ann Curry's Tearful Goodbye -
Matt Lauer's Classic "Tongue-in-Cheek" and Duplicitous Smile

In this video of Ann Curry's tearful goodbye, Matt Lauer gives her a kiss on her left temple at the 4:19 mark. Freeze frame at 4:20 - 4:21. There is a fantastic example of two body language tells here - a duplicitous smile as well as a classic "Tongue-in-Cheek".

Whenever a person is smiling out of one side of their mouth and frowning out of the other side, a red flag should be raised and the alarm horns should blare. This pseudo-smile/pseudo-frown is never to be trusted. Such "false smiles/frowns" share similarities with a partial emblematic slip as well as expressions of "duping delight" (Ekman). A Body Language Expert was not needed to detect the extreme awkwardness of this scene, however there are innumerable occasions when such nonverbal signals will be displayed and the emotional tone of a conversation is not nearly so evident. Look for this duplicitous body language and it will give you warning as to true intentions. This will prevent heartache, financial and time loss, major hassles ... and it may even save your life. Matt Lauer was not saddened by Ann Curry's departure - he was overjoyed.

Also at the 4:20 - 4:21 mark, Lauer also displays another betrayal of his true feelings - the "Tongue-in-cheek". It helps to view this particular moment in full-screen mode. Clustered with his other specific nonverbals seen here, his tongue-in-cheek tell indicates a self-righteous, "I just won the game" emotion. This shows without a doubt that Lauer fancies himself as a puppet master - and he had foreknowledge and very well may have orchestrated Ann Curry's departure. When different nonverbals are seen coexisting with the tongue-in-cheek (not seen here) it has different meanings. Again, not a surprise to those who have followed this event - but like most body language - it is missed in the everyday world. Don't miss it.

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