Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Application # 2012:
Mitt Romney and Vetting the V.P. ....
or an Attorney, a Physician, a C-Level Executive,
a Juror, a Suspect, etc. ...

In this "CBS This Morning" interview Charlie Rose asks GQ magazine contributing Editor Jason Zengerle, whether he believes a Nonverbal Communication/Body Language Expert should be used to as an adjunct to Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Vetting Process. With the very personal nature of the questions asked during such a process, and the strong desire to climb the political (or corporate) ladder, there is a very strong tendency to lie. It is also very common for alpha personalities whom have reached a certain level of success to a belief that they won't get caught as well as the greater ability to, and habit of rationalizing deceit. This is particularly true for those with a greater amount of formal education. Thus an expert in nonverbal communication is a very helpful addition to the vetting process as well as any other high-risk/high-value, face-to-face truth vs. deception scenario - such as an important interview, a criminal investigation, a legal deposition or jury selection.

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