Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2083:
Félix Sánchez describes his 400 M Hurdle Gold Medal Race
and his Relationship with his Grandmother -
A High Sincerity Quotient

In this interview, two-time Olympic Champion in the 400 M Hurdles Félix Sánchez describes his relationship with his grandmother, his failure to defend his Gold Medal Title in Athens at the Beijing games - and his victory earlier this week. He ran with a picture of his grandmother (Lillian) in his running jersey two days ago in London .... and brought home the Gold Medal once again (his 2004 gold was the first ever for the Dominican Republic). When a right-handed person is recalling, experiencing and/or describing something that is deeply emotional, about 95% of the time they will look DOWN and to THEIR RIGHT - as Sánchez does repeatedly throughout this segment. The lower right is also the quadrant referenced during kinesthetic processes, description or recall. While the quadrant-emotional correlations are not 100% on all people, once a person body language baseline behavior has been "normed" and correlated, they are highly reliable. 

This and other similar eye movements are epiphenomena of mental-emotional processing and although neural pathways have not been elicited, this nonverbal behavior is extremely useful when assessing for sincerity vs. insincerity and truth vs. deception. 

Félix Sánchez has two gold medals, great memories and a very high sincerity quotient.