Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2089:
Ann Curry's and Matt Lauer's Very Awkward Reunion

In this incredibly awkward reunion of NBC's Ann Curry and Matt Lauer, it obvious to all how uncomfortable this is for Ann. Matt's attempt at being warm-and-fuzzy fails miserably. If you squirm when you watch it, you've got some empathy for the former Today Show's co-host. 

Matt obviously has read up on body language since Ann's departure. Note their lower limb directions. Ann's feet and legs are pointed away from Lauer. Moreover, her legs are crossed away from him - while Matt's are crossed towards Ann. Curry's torso is leaning distinctly away from Lauer as she both consciously and subconsciously distances herself from her former co-host. Her thin-lipped and tight "pseudo-smile" at 1:04 exemplifies anger and an attempt at polite tolerance. Lauer is rebuffed. Who could blame her?