Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1921:
Who was More Dominant -
Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes - who was the most dominant in their relationship/marriage? Since the announcement of their impending divorce, many have speculated in the last couple days that Joey Potter blindsided Maverick. Hmmm ....

Notice the pattern in which they are hand holding in these four images. Katie has her hand on top or in front in all of them. This is highly consistent with a dominance and alpha female behavior - which holds true for both dating and marriage. The next time you're at your local mall, take a sample of the first 20 couples you see. Chances are that all 20 will show, male dominant behavior - with the man's hand in front or on top. In about 98% of the time this alpha-male behavior will be seen. Not so with TomKat. There are certainly other body language signals of female-male/male-female dominance. However, consistency of this pattern strongly suggests a strong female authority. Note that in the first and second photos (taken at the same event and the couple's last public appearance) Tom and Katie switch sides, thus hands as well - and yet Holmes' nonverbal domination display persists.

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The image below was taken at a Katy Perry Concert on 7 August 2011.

Photo below was taken in NYC on 16 December 2011.