Monday, July 9, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2039:
Fight Outside Florida Courtroom -
Jaw Jut Prior to Violence

Today in an Osceola County Florida Courthouse, a fight broke out. A short segment of the altercation was repeated multiple times in the above video. The man in the red shirt (goatee with white towel around his neck) displayed two examples of what is known as a "Jaw Jut" - where the jaw (mandible) thrusts forward. The first is at about 0:09.5 seconds and is more difficult to see because his face is somewhat oblique to the camera. The next time he juts his jaw is at about 0:12 seconds and is much easier to visualize because he's closer and is seen in-profile. There is also an extreme tightening of the masseter muscles of the lower face/sides of his jaw. It is a signal of extreme anger and if it is observed, an very high percentage of the time, violence ensues a second or two later. Thus it commonly occurs during and just prior to violence. If you're observant and see the jaw jut, this knowledge will give you time to prepare and protect yourself - hopefully avoiding serious bodily harm.

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