Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2067:
Leryn Franco's Arms and Missed Opportunity

Leryn Franco, the Paraguayan model and Javelin thrower is shown here at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Within the context of sport, her hand/arm position is a classic body language emblem for defeat and/or missed opportunity. An "Emblem" is a nonverbal symbol, the meaning of which is well understood within a group, culture or region - and sometimes World-wide. Care must be taken when using or interpreting them however, for some emblems have completely different meanings in other regions & countries.

It is intriguing how similar this nonverbal resembles the body language displayed and required with prisoners of war and after being arrested. Although these are forced behaviors by the captors and police - Ms. Franco's behavior is subconscious. She finished 51st in Beijing. Good luck in London Leryn.