Monday, July 16, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2045:
Disgust in New Delhi

A clear facial-body language expression of disgust can be seen on the woman in the center of this image (wearing the white & yellow). The most prominent feature is bilateral flaring (dilation) of the nostrils (when only one nostril is dilated - think contempt). Her lower lip (more prominently) and upper lip (typically less noticeable) are both raised and protruding - which is also a very common manifestation of this emotion. Additionally, other portions of her mid-face are tightened - particularly the "mustache area" above the upper lip - as well as the accentuated nasal-labial furrows on the each side of her nose. Also present in this nonverbal cluster is the lowering of her eyebrows with a relaxed forehead. Dynamic Chin wrinkling is also very characteristic and can be seen here. Partial closure of the eyelids is also very commonly displayed but often overlooked as a component of the contempt facial cluster.

If this photo were a close-up, we may also be able to see dynamic "crows' feet" laterally to each eye along with furrows created by active muscle contraction of the corrugator supercilii muscles on the "bridge of the nose".

Disgust, like contempt, whether it's in New Delhi or New York may be felt towards a person or group of people - but disgust can also be directed towards non-living things .... like the rain.

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