Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2038:
Walmart Employee Fired -
Signals of Visual Recall

This video is an interesting example of a body language signal of visual recall. Janice Sullivan was a greeter at St. Petersburg, Florida Walmart for over 22 years. Last "Black Friday" when a customer pushed her out of the way, Ms. Sullivan claims she grabbed the customer to prevent herself from falling. Based on her nonverbals, was she telling the truth?


Walmart should re-hire this honest employee.

At the 1:09 mark we see Ms. Sullivan quickly looked up to HER left when recalling the specifics. In about 95% of the time, when a right-handed person looks up to her left, she is visually recalling an event which she witnessed. If Janice were lying, she would have looked up to HER right, since this is the quadrant that corresponds to visually constructing an event that wasn't witnessed by her directly. Even if it were a verifiable event, if it wasn't witnessed by her directly, she would have to "construct" the event in her mind's eye. 

Based on these observations, Ms. Sullivan is telling the truth. If you were picking a jury, you'd want to choose her. The former Walmart employee has high honesty and sincerity quotients.

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