Friday, July 6, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2035:
Mitt Romney's Body Language Amplifier -
(it works on the rest of us too)

When can we gain an extra amount of insight into someone's body language and therefore also their emotional mind? When they're on the phone. In addition, this is a rapid method of "norming" someone's nonverbal behavior. When we speak on a telephone, for the vast majority of us, our social filters are partially dialed-down. While this phenomenon varies from person to person, our reactions and nonverbal displays are considerably more open and exaggerated vs. when we're partaking in in-person conversations. Mitt Romney is of course no different. Fascinatingly, this is particularly true when we're on a cell vs. a land line. 

While the person we're talking to on the phone can't of course see the nonverbal behavior, for anyone nearby, witnessing the non-private phone call - if they watch carefully, they'll be able to notice extremely valuable body language tells which will aide them in accessing (sometimes minor) idiosyncrasies - and gain a huge advantages/knowledge base for other times. You'll often notice the surprising frequency where the verbal and the nonverbal are in disagreement. This is dramatic illustration while one should always trust the nonverbal message. Never pass up the opportunity to nuance the body language behavior of associates, bosses, subordinates, clients, potential employees, etc. during non-private phone calls, for it will give you a much more open door to their psyches.

This careful observation during phone calls amounts to a body language cheat-sheet ... and there's a test for every tomorrow.

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