Friday, November 18, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 881:
Two Contradictory Signals
which Always Indicates Negative Emotion

This is James Arthur Ray, aka "The Sweat Lodge Guru" upon learning he was found guilty for negligent homicide in the deaths of three of his client/followers and sentenced to two years in prison. His facial expression is very inconsistent with a person who is remorseful of wrongdoing. We can clearly see mild to moderate wrinkling on his central upper forehead area, indicating muscle contracture - however the peripheral (outer) forehead is relaxed. This is a extremely common and virtually required nonverbal signal see when someone is experiencing emotional or physical pain. This pain may be directly experienced or sensed via empathy. 

So far this is what we would expect - however, notice his mild smile. This is extremely inconsistent with physical or emotional pain of any type. When these two contradictory signs are seen together - red flags should be dramatically raised and all alarms sounded. Be warned! - It is extremely common to see these particular contradictory beacons without any negative verbal indicators (e.g. good words with negative body language). So in such situations, there is rotten behavior afoot.  This combination is always a signal of a negative emotion, at the very least strong insincerity or contempt. In the context as we see it displayed here, this body language is highly suggestive of a sociopath or psychopathic tenancies.