Monday, November 14, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 665:
A Strong Sign of Insincerity

Bashar al-Assad has chronically displayed signals of insincerity. This moderate resolution image of Syria's current President exemplifies a great nonverbal beacon of this emotional feign. When a person is gesturing to their upper chest, if it's sincere - it's a subconscious body language signal. When someone is trying to deceive you though - their subconscious sabotages the conscious mind, and we will see highly characteristic nonverbal tells of dishonesty - if we know what & where to look.  

There are several characteristics to be wary of ... enter al-Assad. Notice how he touches his chest only with the tips of his fingers & thumb. If someone is being honest with their feelings, their PALM will touch too, not just their fingers. This In addition, al-Assad is using his non-dominant hand (he's right handed) - if he were sincere, he'd be using his right, dominant hand. Another sign to look for, is an insincere person will sometimes place their hand on the RIGHT (the heart-less) side of the chest (the heart is on the left side). President al-Assad only shows this to a mild degree in this particular example and we would probably miss it here if we didn't have the benefit of a still-photo or video to examine (see Negotiation Body Language Secrets: # 19, 35 & 42 for a better example of this "hand-on-wrong-side-of-chest" signal).

Chronic insincerity is a very strong indicator of what psychological disorder(s)?