Monday, November 7, 2011

Body Language Secret # 731:
Sharon Bialek Isn't Telling the Whole Truth

While in no way I want to minimize the idea or the act of sexual assault or harassment, and while I cannot at this time comment on Herman Cain's other three alleged accusers, I feel strongly that Ms. Sharon Bialek, at the least is not telling the whole truth and may be fabricating most of the events she alleges took place in July of 1997. For me this is not a republican or democrat issue, this is a truth/deception issue. My inquiry is based on Ms. Bialek's (and Allred's) nonverbal communication as well as on statement analysis. Sexual assault and unwanted sexual advances are very serious matters and should not be taken lightly.

The overall emotional tone of Ms. Bialek is completely inconsistent with someone who has been mistreated sexually. Ms. Gloria Allred's inappropriate attempt at humor at the 3:49 mark in the first video, when she says, "...his idea of a stimulus package...." (note Ms. Allred is speaking out the side of her mouth, highly consistent with insincerity), is met with Ms. Bialek's partially unsuccessful  suppression of a smile. Ladies, if you were truly sexually assaulted/or experienced aggressive uninvited advances, you would not want to be fodder for such a public joke; and you would not laugh, smirk or smile at the moment of such a joke. In her jesting, Ms. Allred trivializes sexual crimes and Ms. Bialek betrays her true thoughts and emotions.

At the 4:00 mark in the above video when Ms. Allred says "...written statements under oath from the doctor...." (Bialek's then boyfriend) and again (but less so) at the 4:23 mark when Allred says, "....and engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with her..." - Ms. Bialek takes a significantly deep breaths. While these do not prove deception, their timing indicates marked anxiety and are suspicious in this context.

At several times, Ms. Bialek indicates she is visualizing and mentally constructing future events when at the 4:37 mark Allred says, "...she will explain..." and at 4:52 when she states "...she will face public scrutiny...". At both of these times, Bialek looks up to her right. With these two examples, we have normed her (established some baseline, nondeceptive behavior). Ms. Bialek looks up to her right when visually constructing something that has not yet happened which is extremely common for right handed people (something that she is visualizing to happen in the future or something that she is having to falsely visually construct). This is significant because at several times (e.g. at 4:33) when Allred said "....when she told the business man that Mr. Cain had been aggressive with her...." - she again looks up to the right. If she had been recalling visual events from her past, she would have looked up to her left instead. Ms. Bialek has been "normed" and been found wanting.

Ms. Bialek state of high animation and excitement for the press conference is not consistent with the actions of which she accuses Mr. Cain. If she truly experienced the events she alleges, she should have done a lot less reading and more speaking from her memory. While this is indeed a less controlled environment for a rookie at a press conference, Ms. Allred should (and does) know that reading from a script is a considerably less believable.

Sharon Bialek was overly theatrical when she said three particular statements:
     "When are you running for President?"
     "Herman seems to think highly of you!" (with a microexpression of contempt displayed) and
     "Why... are... you ... here?"
This level of drama is not consistent with someone who is the victim of unwanted sexual advances. It is consistent with a novice's attempt at acting and/or narcissistic behavior. The microexpression of contempt is also an interesting display. It is not clear whether she has contempt for Herman Cain, herself, or her old boyfriend.

Ms. Bialek's dramatic and repeated over use of her forehead (contraction thus wrinkling of her forehead muscles) and repeated eye brow elevation is an attempt to add emphasis. If the events were in fact true, no emphasis would be needed. More importantly, a person telling such a story would feel the facts speak for themselves. Ms. Bialek's subconscious doesn't allow her to feel this way - so up goes her forehead & eyebrows. This is analogous to a forth grader writing a English homework assignment with exclamation marks at the end of every sentence.

When Allred states, "...under the penalty of perjury...." at and around the 6:15 mark in the first video, Ms. Bialek's eyes open wider than normal. This "white and wide" appearance is consistent with fear.

Sharon Bialek also performed a Body Language signal, that while it does not prove lying, it is highly consistent with deception, especially in this context (which occurs at the very end of the first video). She itches her nose during the following sentence: "I thought that we were going to go into the offices (itch) so that he could show me around." There is a high probability that a significant fact/set of facts is being left out of this portion of Ms. Bialek's story.

When Ms. Bialek described the moment of the alleged sexual advance (second video BELOW), she makes a  swallow (consistent with anxiety-deception) at 0:13, takes a deep breath ( 0:17 mark) - alleged under the skirt advance and when she said "...reached for my genitals..." (at 0:18) there was an inward lip roll. An inward lip roll is consistent with anxiety and often seen when there is a negative emotion when the person is calling on increased emotional control.

It is also very striking to hear Ms. Bialek reading (not recalling) what she allegedly said to Mr. Cain at the time of the alleged groping, "What are you doing?"... " know I have a boyfriend...". Again, she is not remembering - Bialek is reading this ... in a robotic, unnatural voice for someone who is claiming to have had the experience. In addition, the statement about a boyfriend is an odd thing to say. What about, "Stop!", "Hey!", "Help!", a scream,  etc?

It is extremely suspicious that Ms. Bialek told two men that Mr. Cain had been, "...sexually inappropriate with me..." and yet she stated outright that "....I didn't tell them details....". In particular, when one of these men was her boyfriend at the time, why leave out the details? I also find it odd that Ms. Bialek didn't tell any women friends, just two male friends. This is also highly atypical. It is much more common to tell women friends such incidents and not tell men.

At the end of her statement, when Ms. Bialek is recalling a recent time when she saw Herman Cain, she tends to look up much more. This is consistent with true recall of an event, rather than the near constant looking down and reading which she did for most of her statement. Indeed, when she has the most consistent eye contact with the audience is when she adds a political twist at the very end. Her true passion has betrayed her. 

After Bialek's statement, and Allred begins to speak again, Sharon Bialek laughs, gives a big smile and says, "....I just had a .... (inaudible).This is a very inappropriate time to laugh and in this context is consistent with narcissistic behavior (see: Negotiation and Dating Secret # 111: The Great Phone Tell, for another Nonverbal signal which can be a sign of narcissism).

Ms. Bialek's sincerity quotient is very low. She very much enjoys the limelight and has looked for and found her 15 minutes of fame and apparently has found it.

Once again, Sexual assault, unwanted sexual advances and sexual harassment are serious matters. I do not wish to minimize or trivialize these crimes. False accusations are also serious matters. I cannot comment on Mr. Cain's other accusers, but there is a very high probability that Ms. Bialek's statement has a significant component of deception.