Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 617:
Ginger White and Herman Cain

Herman Cain's latest accuser, Ms. Ginger White, displays signals of emotional pain, sadness and anxiety throughout the duration of this approximately 90 second video. Ms. White's central forehead is contracted the entire time with simultaneous elevation of her inner (medial) eyebrows. Along with her continual frown and partially closed eyelids, this is a classic nonverbal cluster consistent with emotional or physical pain. Ms. White's constant "wringing" of her hands is a clear indicator of anxiety. She also looks often down and to her right through out the interview. The vast majority of the time, during highly emotional moments/conversations, right handed people will look to this quadrant (I don't know Ms. White's handedness). At the very end of this clip, she closes her eyes in an "extended blink" - a classic blocking behavior (trying to block it out of her mind) when she says, ".....it's really not been fun." She finishes the interview with a hard swallow (anxiety indicator). The Body language signals we see here indicate emotional pain (constant), sadness (constant) and anxiety - in this context indicates Ginger White is probably telling the truth (very high confidence index). Moreover, at no time did her body language and her words contradict each other - another strong signal of honesty. (See Body Language Secret # 731: Sharon Bialek isn't Telling the Whole Truth).