Sunday, November 20, 2011

Negotiation Body Language Secret # 357:
Mila Kunis and Sergeant Scott Moore

Mila Kunis made good Friday night on her promise and attended the 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Sergeant Scott Moore in Greenville, North Carolina. On a bet with a fellow marine, Sgt. Moore asked Mila out via YouTube from Afghanistan this past summer. The beautiful star of Friends with Benefits and Black Swan said, "yes". Kinda fairy tale, isn't it?

There are several great Body Language examples in this photo. Here's a caveat: it's difficult to read the nonverbal signals on a person's forehead when they have bangs. There is a lot of expression, variations (or just as telling - sometimes a lack of expression) on the forehead, and if covered, you've got less cues on which to rely. Bangs detract from the ability to act and show emotion. In general, if you're directing a movie - you want your actors/actresses to be able to use as much as their face as possible with which to act. No Bangs! 

In this particular image, it may be difficult for some to note, but Mila's eyebrows are elevated - so it's a very safe bet her forehead is raised (contracted) as well. Here's a fantastic nonverbal correlate - WHEN A PERSON IS BEING HONEST & SINCERE, THE FACE IS ALMOST ALWAYS CONGRUENT WITH THE HANDS (the reverse is seen too, but it is not as reliable); e.g. - If the hands shows stress, so will the face - if the hands show anger, the face will too, etc. So here, Mila's hands (and words) are telling a story. We have no idea what the story's about, but here she's holding her hands about 18 inches apart to demonstrate emphasis. Because her eyebrows and forehead are elevated - these are also, in this context, serving as exclamation marks. Thus because Ms. Kunis' facial nonverbal is congruent with the body language of her hands, we have a high degree of confidence that she is being sincere and honest. It would be much easier to observe this though if we could see Mila's forehead.

Wouldn't it be great if they lived happily ever after?