Friday, January 19, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4181: Ann Curry, Matt Lauer, "Verbal Sexual" Harassment, and NBC • Interview • Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Wednesday, Ann Curry was a guest on CBS This Morning. Among the subjects she discussed was Matt Lauer - as well as verbal sexual harassment at NBC. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Ms. Curry during this interview.

1:10 • Ann Curry displays a "Neck of Fear" with the contraction of both her Platysma muscle - and even more so her Sternocleidomastoids (all of these muscles are in the neck) as Norah O'Donnell said, "... and a lot has changed in the television landscape on morning television in the last three months ...". Despite her trying to steel herself - this was a moment of trepidation.

At multiple times during this interview, Ms. Curry displays a Unilateral "Hair Adjustment Behind Ear"(aka HABE). This can also be performed bilaterally. A HABE signals a person is Up-regulating (Dialing-up) their alpha qualities.

Although this is exhibited by all genders and personality variations - it's more common in women who already have alpha personalities, but who realize they need to "step it up" in a particular moment.

2:25 • The expression immediately above is a classic amalgam of both Anger and Disgust, after Ann Curry says, "... I'm not surprised by the allegations ..." (against Matt Lauer).

You may have noticed Ann Curry looking down to her right frequently during this interview. This is one direction many people will commonly gaze toward during moments of reflection when sadness and regret are the primary emotions.

Fascinatingly, this display not only tells us about the emotions of the moment - but people who do this frequently (whether for themselves or when hear about others' experiences/feelings) have both:

• Higher Sincerity Quotients
• Higher Empathy Quotients

3:19 • This classic Bitter-Regret expression is displayed just after Norah O'Donnell clarified Ann Curry's statement of "Verbal Sexual Harassment" at NBC.

4:02 • just after Gayle King said, "... but in the court of public opinion, many people thought that Matt Lauer was behind you leaving The Today Show" - we see Ms. Curry's eyes open wide - along with another episode of tightening of her neck muscles. Both of these displays are indicative of fear. Ann Curry doesn't want to talk about this subject.

4:05 • Only three seconds later, after Ms. King continued and said, "... I'd like to know what you feel about that. We've never talked about that ....", Ms. Curry's upper eyelids open extremely wide (her lower eyelids also open wider and tighten). This is primarily an expression of fear - although there is also an element of surprise. It's likely that Ann Curry was thinking, "I thought you weren't going to go there!"

4:19 • As she says, "... You should ask someone else - I'm not the one to ask about that ..." (if Matt Lauer was the person who got her fired), Ann Curry self-hugs herself in a beta moment of emotional discomfort.

Good Luck in your new show Ann Curry (We'll Meet Again).

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