Saturday, March 31, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4247: Donald Trump says Goodbye to Hope Hicks - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Thursday was Hope Hicks' last day as the White House Director of Communications. She had served at this post for approximately six and a half months - and another month as acting Director.

The video above shows her saying goodbye to President Trump just prior to his departure on Marine One. While the nonverbal elements in this brief exchange are numerous - the one highlighted here, while not as dramatic, is quite telling. 

The instant captured in the image above (and the cropped-close up below, during the 0:09 mark in the above video) shows Donald Trump with his left arm around Ms. Hicks' waist, waving at the camera with his right hand - and smiling.

But wait - that's not really a smile.

Notice the left corner of Trump's mouth is elevated, while the right side is vectored downward. Such asymmetrical "smiles" - with one side up and the other side down - are always duplicitous. They're universally insincere.

Yet, even if the President's right side exactly mirrored the left side of his face - it would still not be a sincere smile, for all the other components of sincerity are missing in this moment (Can you name them?). Moreover, at no time during this departure did President Trump display a true smile of Joy-Happiness (aka a Duchenne Smile).

Fascinatingly, the side of the President's mouth which is feigning joy - is the same side as Ms. Hicks.

Summary: As he says his final goodbye to Hope Hicks, President Trump's expression is insincere. His "smile" and emotions are duplicitous.

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