Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4245: Security Video of Stephen Paddock (1 October Las Vegas Shooter) - My KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas Interview - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Channel 13 KTNV Las Vegas recently asked me to analyze the video released last week by the New York Times showing surveillance of Stephen Paddock.

Paddock was the perpetrator of the 1 October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas in which he killed 58 and injured 851. The surveillance video analyzed is included here (immediately above).

The image above shows Stephen Paddock, despite being alone in an elevator - felt the need to back into a corner (something he did on multiple occasions). Moreover, he chooses the corner where the camera would show the back/top of his head - rather than exposing his face.

With or without the presence of the camera, this behavior is substantially beta - revealing the need for defensiveness and protection. While it certainly does not show aggression or a predilection toward violence, it is out-of-context.

Immediately above, we see Stephen Paddock in a low-resolution image with the crucial facial expression of an:

• Elevated Central Forehead Contraction (Elevated CFC)

   Simultaneous with a:

• Partial (Insincere) Mouth Smile

As I mentioned in the interview, every healthy human being makes this expression OCCASIONALLY - when they're feeling:

• Disbelief (Smug Disbelief)
• Arrogance
• Contempt

It's important to point out that all three of these emotions have other facial expressions with which they are more commonly manifested. And while normal, emotionally healthy individuals will make this expression from time-to-time - those people who make this expression often (about 4% of the population) will have:

• Low (or nonexistent) Empathy
• Low Sincerity (A Strong tendency toward Chronic Deceptive Behavior)

Not coincidentally, these are also two of the primary pillars of Sociopathic Individuals (those with Antisocial Personality Disorder).

Rodney Alcala is sometimes referred to as the "Dating Game Killer". The above image of his (Elevated) Central Forehead Contraction together with a Partial (Insincere) Mouth Smile was a screen grab from his appearance on The Dating Game TV show in 1978. This television broadcast occurred while he was in the midst of a killing spree.

Alcala is a serial rapist and murderer who has been compared to Ted Bundy. He's been convicted of seven murders - but his true victim count remains unknown.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with the same Elevated Central Forehead Contraction combined with a Partial (Insincere) Mouth Smile.

Bruce McArthur is a serial killer - murdering at least six men in the Toronto, Canada area. The landscaper-gardener has a history of dismembering his victims and burying portions of their bodies' in planters and private gardens.

Martin Shkreli (here testifying to Congress) displays yet another CFC + Mouth 'Smile'. Mr. Shkreli, (sometimes sarcastically known as 'Pharma Bro') "is an American businessman, former hedge fund manager, and convicted felon. In September 2015, Shkreli received widespread criticism when Turing Pharmaceuticals (where he was CEO) obtained the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim and subsequently raised the price by a factor of 56 ($13.50 to $750 per pill), leading him to be referred to by the media as 'the most hated man in America' and 'Pharma Bro'. Shkreli was convicted of two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiring to commit securities fraud in August 2017, and was sentenced in March 2018 to seven years in federal prison and to $7.4 million in fines." (Wikipedia)

The Elevated Central Forehead Contraction with a Partial (Insincere) Mouth Smile is a default expression of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Indeed, this is one of Putin's 'Living Masks'.

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