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Body Language Analysis No. 4244: Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes Interview - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Stormy Daniels' (Stephanie Clifford's) interview on 60 minutes aired on Sunday night 25 March 2018. Her attorney, Michael Avenatti had Tweeted the following statement earlier that same day:

Thus, the whole interview was not broadcasted nor is it (at the time of this writing) available in its entirety online. However, based on her nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior of what is available during this 60 minutes interview, Stormy Daniels/Stephanie Clifford was telling the truth throughout the duration of this exchange. Specifically, at no time did she give any indication of deception - and her sincerity quotient was high.

The only abnormal finding regarding Ms. Daniels/Clifford was the size of her pupils. These were extremely dilated (9.5 - 10.0 mm in diameter). This is particularly noteworthy because the camera lights were quite bright. The etiology of this bilateral pupillary dilation - showing no reaction to bright light is most probably due to the result of systemic or topical medication/drugs. Disease, Trauma, and Surgical complications, while possible, are extremely unlikely.

Of course, we did not conduct a neurological exam, blood testing, etc. - so we can't be 100% sure, but if Ms. Daniels/Clifford were under the influence of systemic medication - enough to dilate her pupils this dramatically - we would expect to see other symptoms/findings/behaviors consistent with such usage.

What is a more likely a cause of bilateral pupillary dilation - particularly with pupils this widely dilated - in the context of otherwise normal behavior - is that Ms. Daniels/Clifford self-administered dilating eye drops (such as Atropine, Scopolamine, Phenylephrine, Tropicamide, Homatropine, and/or Cyclopentolate) in an effort to make herself more physically attractive and photogenic. A similar practice - although fraught with side effects (some serious and even life-threatening - e.g., a rapid heart rate) - for centuries has been practiced by women of some cultures (e.g., Renaissance Italy, parts of the Ottoman Empire, etc.). They dilated their pupils using an extract from the berries of Atropa belladonna in their pursuit of beauty.

It's also possible that Ms. Daniels/Clifford's ophthalmologist dilated her eyes as part of a routine examination prior to this event. In the context of such a profoundly important interview however, this is quite doubtful.

It's crucial to point out that if Ms. Daniels/Clifford were under the influence of any systemic medications with Brain/Central Nervous System effects (the eyes are part of the Central Nervous System) - this would have made any attempt at deception easily discernible (e.g., Think of the obviousness of a person who's intoxicated). Because Ms. Daniels/Clifford's nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior showed no evidence of deception - as well as her other normal behaviors - this indicates with high confidence (yet does not prove) that her large pupillary dilation was secondary to the use one of the eye drops listed above.

Sometimes, cosmetic contact lenses may be fashioned so as to give the appearance of larger pupils, and although Ms. Daniels/Clifford is wearing contacts - viewing with the modest resolution of this video, they appear to be conventional contact lenses for a routine refractive error.

Although there were many, one of Ms. Daniels'/Clifford's nonverbal displays which carries a high degree of sincerity occurred during 0:33 - 0:34, as she says, "... And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter ...", Ms. Daniels/Clifford leans her torso, while twisting/turning her head and neck - as she is recounting the actions of the man who she said had confronted and threatened her in a parking lot in Las Vegas.

Such physical/body language mirroring of her verbal description is highly consistent with her re-living the event. It indicates honesty - and suggests a higher empathy quotient. It also indicates she's more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress from this threat. This display would also be an action which would be much less likely if the cause of her pupillary dilation were from a systemic drug(s) (other than eye drops).

Another of the many sincerity tells came at the end of the interview at the end of the interview, when Anderson Cooper asks, "The President watches 60 Minutes. If he's watching tonight, what would you say to him?"

Stormy Daniels/Stephanie Clifford responded, "He knows I'm telling the truth." During this short sentence, Ms. Daniels/Clifford displayed a Self-Righteous Head Wiggle (2:07 - 2:08).

"Self-Righteous Head Wiggle" (aka "High Confidence Head Wiggle") is a typically relatively rapid, side-to-side movement of the head and neck. On occasion, this movement may also involve the torso - and even a similar motion of the jaw.

The duration of a Self-Righteous Head Wiggle is sometimes quite short (thus a microexpression or near-microexpression) but other times it lasts much longer.

As its name describes, the Self-Righteous/High Confidence Head Wiggle is indicative of emotions of self-righteousness and high confidence - displayed by individuals during hyper-alpha moments - who are far from their emotional baseline - but who are NOT being deceptive. It's a form of sincere, nonverbal confidence-swagger. Please view the video, as the SRHW/HCHW can't be captured with an image. 

Summary: Stormy Daniels'/Stephanie Clifford's nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior indicate she was telling the truth during her 60 minutes interview. Most importantly, this indicates that her allegations of a confrontation and the physical threat made against her - did actually occur.

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