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Body Language Analysis No. 4225: Sam Nunberg Interview - Part I • Roger Stone, Donald Trump, and Russia - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

For anyone who's listened to some of the phone interviews - or listened-watched any TV/Video interviews with Sam Nunberg today, I imagine, like me, you were stunned. With high probability, he was under the influence of alcohol and/or medications during the interviews. The former Donald Trump Campaign Aide also repeatedly and openly declared he plans to defy Robert Mueller's Subpoena.

This will be the first of several nonverbal analyses regarding Sam Nunberg's recent interviews. Although there were many moments of interest - what follows a portion of the dialog - as well as some dissecting of a particularly crucial nonverbal cluster.

ERIN BURNETT (continuing at 7:26): Why though fall on the sword for someone else - and I ask that very specifically. Okay, Susan McDougal [mispronounced], I don't know if you remember her, right? But she was involved - McDougle, sorry - was involved in the Whitewater Investigation, right?

SAM NUNBERG: Yeah. [Drinking from mug]

ERIN BURNETT:  She did not comply with the Grand Jury - subpoena.


ERIN BURNETT: She went to prison for eighteen months.

SAM NUNBERG: Ah, Moeller's not going to send me to prison for this - this is ridiculous. Look at this. Carter Page? (sp) [up-talking] I never spoke to Carter Page in my Li-

ERIN BURNETT: [over-talking] Well then why wouldn't you pr- be happy to provide your communications if there aren't any?

SAM NUNBERG: Because I'm not going to go over when I have fifteen emails a day - with Roger Stone -

ERIN BURNETT: [over-talking] And Steve Bannon -

SAM NUNBERG: And Steve Bannon - and, and have to spend eigh- have to spend eighty hours -

ERIN BURNETT: [over-talking] Okay, so what else is - okay but I don't - what I don't understand is-

SAM NUNBERG: [over-talking] Ya know what?

ERIN BURNETT: [over-talking] You, you could go, you could, you could go to prison for this okay? And if the communications do not show collusion with the Russians -

SAM NUNBERG: Right? [up-talking] Ω

ERIN BURNETT: Why wouldn't you just go in and testify? - about them? What do the show that you're so - embarrassed of?

During 8:09, just as Ms. Burnett says, "Russians" in the sentence, "And if the communications do not show collusion with the Russians" - Mr. Nunberg looks down to his right. This is the quadrant to which people tend to gaze toward in moments of sadness, shame, guilt, and regret.

Moreover, Mr. Nunberg's act of discontinuing his eye contact with Ms. Burnett at this specific instant - just after she says the word "collusion" - is very telling.

During 8:10, just after he says, "Right?", Mr. Nunberg shuffles his papers. This nonverbal behavior is known as a variety of MAP Surrogate (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) - wherein the grooming, adjustment, playing with, false use of, etc. an inanimate object is indicative of significant anxiety - and a subconscious attempt at self-calming.  

An instant later, also during 8:10, Sam Nunberg simultaneous displays both a:

• Loose Tongue Jut
• Mouth Cover

A Loose Tongue Jut signals the thought-emotion of I've been bad, I've done a stupid thing, I've been caught. It sometimes has an element of self-deprecation and indeed can be thought of as a signal of one's psyche subconsciously admitting guilt.

Take care not to confuse a Loose Tongue Jut with a Wide Open Tongue Jut or a Tight Tongue Jut.

A mouth cover at such a strategic time is highly suggestive of deception. This nonverbal signal is, of course, in direct contradiction with Nunberg's just spoken verbal affirmation of, "Right?".

Notice too, the up-talking vocal quality of the word "Right?" Although he was responding to Ms. Burnett's question-preface, in this context, the word "Right" should be spoken as a statement, not as a question.

His mouth covering lasts about two seconds (8:10 - 8:11)

Just after Erin Burnett says, "Why wouldn't you just go in and testify?" - Mr. Nunberg interlaces his fingers. This nonverbal display projects feelings of frustration, restraining strong emotions, and anxiousness.

Summary: This and the other interviews Sam Nunberg gave today contained many stunning moments. Mr. Nunberg's nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior indicates, with very high probability, he is lying and does indeed have knowledge of Roger Stone communicating with Russian operatives in association with Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign.

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