Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4160: Detecting Liars When They're Not Lying - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Understandably, most people who are curious about body language, are particularly interested in lie detection. Yet, just as valuable, and perhaps even more so - is the ability to discern insincerity. For those individuals who are insincere may very well NOT be lying in that moment - but they're very likely to lie - lie often - and lie regarding profoundly important matters.

This begs the Question: What are some nonverbal signals of insincerity?

Answer: There are many body language insincerity tells - but one of the most common and reliable is the overly-frequent contraction of the forehead muscles.

Of course, we all use our foreheads to express our feelings - and we should - for it's an important part of normal human emotional display. However, when it's done too frequently - and especially when it's out of context - it's a signal that that person is trying too hard. They do not feel true conviction in their words alone. It's the nonverbal equivalent of using ten exclamation marks when only one is necessary.

Most all politicians are guilty of insincerity - and Ambassador Nikki Haley is but one of many (regardless of their political beliefs) who exemplifies this frequent forehead contraction pattern. Other professions where this nonverbal behavior is exceptionally common are - unskilled actors, pundits, sales professionals, and attorneys. Yet to overgeneralize is unwise - anyone, in any profession can be insincere.

Summary: Unmasking those individuals who show patterns of chronic insincerity is just as important as detecting deception. Overly-frequent contraction of the forehead muscles is one reliable and common insincerity display.

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