Friday, December 1, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4140: Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn - a former three-star general - pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI today. This means that Robert Mueller's team has evidence of Flynn committing other crimes. It also indicates that others members of the Trump Administration have their futures' in jeopardy.

Many sources now report that Jared Kushner was one "very senior member" of President Donald Trump's transition team who directed Flynn to contact Sergey Kislyak - then Russian ambassador to the United States - regarding a United Nations Security Council vote on Israeli settlements.

The cameras briefly caught Flynn as he arrived outside court this morning. From a body language perspective, there was one moment which was particularly telling. It can be seen in the above-looped video - repeated during 0:20, 1:10, and 1:25.

Although this image is a magnified and a screen-grab from its video source, we can still see Flynn's lips rolled inward. An Inward Lip Roll (ILR) is a nonverbal manifestation of one's psyche attempting to suppress strong emotions from growing.

You may also notice that Flynn's jaw is displaced forward. Known as a "Jaw Jut", this signifies an adrenaline surge - and although it can be seen with coupled with many other nonverbal signals - it usually accompanies an inward lip roll.

The body language signal which is easiest to see here is the momentary change of Flynn's neck. His neck muscles - including his sternocleidomastoid as well as his platysma are temporarily contracted and tensed. This is a reliable signal of fear.

Flynn's nonverbal cluster of Fear:

• Inward Lip Roll
• Jaw Jut
• Neck of Fear

Summary: Upon entering the federal courthouse in Washington DC this morning, Michael Flynn displayed a cluster of nonverbal signals indicating a significant level of fear.

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