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Body Language Analysis No. 4143: Billy Bush regarding Donald Trump on the "Access Hollywood Tape" (Stephen Colbert Interview) - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In light of President Trump's recent claim that it wasn't his voice in the infamous Access Hollywood video, Billy Bush got a chance to publicly recount the incident last night while he was a guest on The Late Show.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Billy Bush during his interview with Stephen Colbert.

During 0:33, just after he sits down, Billy Bush pulls both his upper and lower lip tightly over his teeth. This "Tight-Lipped" nonverbal display reveals a hesitancy to disclose.

During 0:41, just as Colbert says, "Now, this is the first interview that you have done about what happened on that bus since Donald Trump became or President  ..." - Bush displays a "Jaw Confessional". This is characterized when the jaw shifts to one side (usually quite briefly) during an embarrassing situation. It's often seen just prior to the open admission of a fault or transgression - ergo its name: "Jaw Confessional" (This example is a bit difficult to visualize, as his jaw is moving obliquely away from the camera).

A jaw confessional carries with it a High Sincerity Quotient.

Immediately after he says, "Yeah" - during 0:50 - 0:55, Bush's Jaw Juts (protrudes) extremely far forward - betraying a profound adrenaline surge of anxiety.

At 1:19, Billy Bush displays a Tongue Jut - more specifically a Loose Tongue Jut, just as Colbert says, "So, remind us about the specifics of the tape i, i, if you don't mind, I'm going to roll the tape ....". This indicates the thought feelings of: I've been bad / I got caught / I've done a stupid thing.

During 1:20 Bush segues into a "Tongue-in-Cheek" expression. This is a good example of a "Nonverbal Homonym" (of which there are many examples) - as it has several meanings depending on the other nonverbal signals with which it is clustered (analogous to a verbal homonym). In this setting, it's a barometer of Billy's anxiety.

An excellent display of "One Eye Bartering" is seen during 1:22 - 1:23 - and reveals a combination of

Hesitancy to Disclose

Note how, as one eye closes the opposite forehead, eyebrow, and upper eyelid all elevate (although his entire forehead elevates, it does so very asymmetrically). 

He also sits backward in his chair with his entire torso (during 1:20) - during a Beta Moment of being "Taken Aback" (more hesitation and apprehension).

We see mild Disgust displayed on Bush's face at 3:59 - in the split-second prior to Colbert showing the Access Hollywood Video.

As much as he doesn't like Donald Trump - with very high probability, in this moment Mr. Bush is feeling disgust directed toward himself.

Just after viewing of Access Hollywood Tape, during 4:16 we see Bush display a deep Contempt expression (while not this is the only face of contempt, it's helpful to remember this variety as a "snarl").

We see a "Lateral Lip Purse" during 7:10. This is a signal of open (non-secretive) decision making. In this moment, Bush is trying to figure out what Donald Trump meant when he said, "I moved on her like a bitch".

(This looks similar to a "Jaw Confessional", however, its meaning is very different. Can you differentiate the two signals?)

As Bush rubs the top (anterior) of his right thigh (during 8:38 - 8:40), he's revealing yet another signal of a "Hesitancy to Disclose". His face is characteristic of fear (e.g., his "Mouth of Fear", widely opened eyelids), mixed with a secondary emotion of Apprehension (elevated eyebrows and forehead, widely opened eyelids).

During an awkward moment of "Dead Air", Bush responds in a typical manner - by taking a drink (9:26). This gives him an extra moment to think of what to say next. Additionally, the cup also becomes a surrogate for a facial touch of anxiety.

Billy Bush's face acquires an utterly classic expression of Bitterness-Regret (during 9:29 - 9:30) in response to Colbert's question of, "How do you feel about NBC firing you?"

Summary: Billy Bush displayed a wide range of emotion during this interview and high probability, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress. He showed no signals of deception - and specifically, he is telling the truth regarding Donald Trump: it was Trump's voice on the Access Hollywood Tape.

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