Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4161: Vladimir Putin's Not-So-Poker Face • Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Even Vladimir Putin sometimes slips and betrays his real feelings. Although the former KGB officer is highly skilled - he's only human. In this image from earlier this year, we see him in a relatively rare moment when his true emotions were revealed in public.

Biting one's upper lip - as with all body language displays - must always be interpreted in the context of the "nonverbal sentence" in which it appears.

Here we see the cluster of:

• Elevated Central Forehead Contraction (CFC)
• Both Eyebrows are Overall being Lowered
• Simultaneously, the Inner (Medial) Eyebrows are also being Elevated
• Partially Closed Upper Eyelids
• Flared Nostrils
• Tightened "Mustache Area"
• Biting Upper Lip

This is a classic array of Anxiety. Of particular note - are the juxtaposed tensions in his forehead. It may come as a surprise that the eyebrows as a unit can be lowered while simultaneously being pulled upward (here the inner eyebrows - along with his central forehead). Whenever two closely approximated (or even the same) tissues are being pulled in opposite directions - it's a signal of strong Emotional Dissonance. In this example, the Russian President's conscious mind doesn't want his feelings to show - and yet his underlying anxiety, for a few seconds, was captain of the ship..

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