Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3779: Donald Trump Cover Shoot - Time Magazine's Person of the Year - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

On Wednesday Time Magazine announced it had selected Donald Trump as their 2016 "Person of the Year".

While some people may find Trump's pose"artsy" - from a nonverbal point of view, the image on Time's cover is particularly unusual in several ways.

We don't look directly at people who we don't like, don't believe or don't trust - and this body language is exemplified here in the extreme. Trump's lower body is pointed in the opposite direction. His abdomen is rotated a bit - and his torso a little more - yet they are still pointed approximately 90 - 100 degrees away from the camera.

On this cover we are getting Trump's proverbial "Cold Shoulder". And although such a hand position (as Trump shows here) is natural and common when rotating in a chair - it still conveys a closed-off emotional tone.

Mr. Trump's face is configured in one of his common default expressions - that of a combined anger and incredulity.

It's also very intriguing that Trump's chair is quite obviously worn and damaged. Although it's not part of him or his clothing - here the chair very strongly acts an extension of the President-elect. This is a visual metaphor, a nonverbal analog and most certainly is not accidental.

Summary: This pose, image and chair are very poor choices on the part of President Elect Trump. Its nonverbal message is: "I don't like you, I disrespect you, you're an afterthought and I've turned my back on you."

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