Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3796: Bryan Cranston, Donald Trump, Anxiety and Alpha Up-Regulators - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Bryan Cranston and James Franco were recently guests on Conan O'Brien's show ("Conan") to promote their upcoming film, Why Him?

Although Cranston is an outstanding actor - he is first a human being. And thus, like all of us, has anxieties - and during this interview some of them were on display (and easily seen - if you know what to look for).

Conan brought up the fact that a pro-Donald Trump supporter artistically modified some of the movie posters for Why Him? During his explanation and interpretation, Cranston's anxiety heightened.

From a body language point of view, at several times during this short video Bryan Cranston displays a "False Tie Adjust". Note that this was performed with the length of the tie, rather than the knot. When the knot of the tie is falsely adjusted, it's indicative of a higher level of anxiety - while manipulating the hanging portion of the tie correlates with lower levels of nervousness.

We can however, further nuance this nonverbal behavior - for although this anxiety is self-recognized, the psyche is also recognizing the need for up-regulating assertiveness. This is one example of the phenomena sometimes colloquially referred to as, "Dialing up the Alpha".

What other nonverbal signals of anxiety did Cranston display here?

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