Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3780: Donald Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Time Magazine Pic - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

Time Magazine named Donald Trump as the "2016 Person of the Year". When conducting the cover photo shoot of President Elect - the Time photographers also took pictures of Trump's inner circle.

The message communicated here by Steve Bannon's body language is certainly not to be ignored.

Trump's Chief Strategist right hand is being held in a variation of the "Double-L" configuration. This is called the Double-L because of two simultaneous right angles - one made by the index finger and middle finger - and the second between the thumb (not visible) and the index finger. This is one example (and a classic one at that) of a "Critical Evaluation" expression. Although Bannon may be partially listening, he doesn't like what he's hearing (and he's forming a plan).  His left hand covering his right further amplifies his tone of critical emotion.

The slightly downward angle (forward bending) of his head and neck are yet another components of this Nonverbal Critical Evaluation Cluster.

Bannon's eyes are not looking at the camera - but fixed at middle distance - signifying focused thought, contemplation and planning. He's not fully present.

It's also profoundly important to note that Bannon's middle finger is covering his lips. This is an example of what is know as a "Partial Emblematic Slip". Here the "Emblem" is the middle finger (when extended, the meaning of which is universally recognized). It is termed "Partial" because here it's not being used in the "Full Bird" form (e.g., held high in front of the body with the middle finger extended and isolated). The "Slip" terminology is included because it's subconsciously initiated (or occurring at the edge of consciousness) - rather than fully conscious and deliberate. In addition, the finger position over his lips indicate his desire for the other person to "shush".

Summary: This image of Steve Bannon coveys a classic critical evaluation cluster with an additional component of subconscious profanity. He wants the person with whom he's interacting to stop talking . Moreover he's contemplating a specific "counter-punching" tactic.

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