Monday, December 26, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3797: Donald Trump's Out of Context Christmas Tweet - Body Language & Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

The above image was Donald Trump's Christmas tweet earlier today.

At first glance (literally in a split second) it should strike you that Mr. Trump's body language is dramatically out of context.

A raised clenched fist, with the palm facing outward is a signal of solidarity in the face of active adversity - as well as defiance and resistance.

While the concept and practice of religious and spiritual fellowship does overlap with some aspects of solidarity - in modern contexts these terms (and their corresponding emotions) and have different meanings.

Defiance and resistance are often needed to practice a religion (particularly in the face of prejudice) - however the Christmas season is very profoundly celebratory. Christmas is not about "I'm defying you" or "I'm rebelling against or resisting you" (as a closed, raised, palm-forward fist projects).

The President-Elect's face, while not completely visible, has a mixture of both contempt and disgust - which are also not emotions (or expressions) associated with Christmas.

In addition to the written words, "Merry Christmas", the Christmas tree in the background also adds a profound visual contrast to Trump's Nonverbal messages .

Summary: Donald Trump's Nonverbal message in his 2016 Christmas Tweet Photo is in stark contrast to, and out of context with the message of "Merry Christmas" or other Christmas themes.

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