Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3629: Donald Trump's interview regarding Melania's Speech and Plagiarism - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Wednesday morning Donald Trump spoke directly for first time regarding Melania's speech and the issue of plagiarism.

What follows is a nonverbal analysis of the Republican Presidential Candidate at some key moments during this exchange.

George Stephanopoulos (beginning at 0:10): "How 'bout this speech by Melania? We learned today that ah,  someone that works with you, a Meredith McIver, offered her resignation. Why not accept it? Weren't you angry?"

Trump: "She [j]ust made a mistake. And I thought it was terrific they way she came forward and just said, 'Look, it was a mistake that I made' - aaaand she thought it was very unfair to Melania. Although [hard swallow] - interestingly, the press treated Melania very well, because they didn't think it was her."

 0:12 - Donald Trump displays a Jaw Jut with a prolonged blink as George Stephanopoulos is saying, "... learned today ...". This nonverbal cluster indicates Anger coupled with "Blocking Behavior". 

Candidate Trump displays a Tongue Jut (more specifically a "Tight Forward Tongue Jut) during 0:15 as George says, "... Meredith McIver ...". This is similar both in appearance and emotion to an infant pushing out food with his tongue he doesn't want to eat - he is repulsed and disgusted.


During 0:15 - 0:16, Mr. Trump makes this expression as Stephanopoulos says, "... offered her resignation ...". Although his closed eyelids open back up part way through this statement  - we see his "Inward Lip Roll (ILR) with a clenched jaw persist longer. This is a classic nonverbal cluster revealing that Mr. Trump is trying to suppress his anger.

It may be difficult to tell, however the candidate's overall posture indicates he is standing with his feet close together - which is an unusual configuration for Donald Trump. This foot positioning both indicates and engenders lower confidence, lower assertiveness and a beta emotional tone.

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