Friday, July 15, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3624: Terrorist Attack in Nice, France - Body Language of the Perpetrator (PHOTO)

Just stare at this picture and feel. Don't think. How does it make you feel? The vast majority of human brains are wired so that your first impression - your instinct - should tell you this man is angry (Although it's not dramatic, there is anger present here). Can you see it? There is also a smaller (but significant) component of disgust.

This is the perpetrator of the terrorist act last night in Nice, France - Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. This picture just released by the French authorities was taken from a government identification photo. At the time of this post it's the only publicly available image of this person.

Every human being should be "allowed" to feel Anger - this is normal. Of course hopefully we don't feel this too deeply or too often. The same principle holds true for both Contempt and Disgust (Those on the autism spectrum will have difficulty recognizing these emotional cues in others). It's of profound importance that virtually every terrorist, either foreign or domestic, will display one or all of these three emotions on a CHRONIC basis.

By taking this premise in the opposite direction - and asking will all those who display these emotions CHRONICALLY go on to commit terrorist acts or violent crime? The answer to this question is no - BUT they WILL have a very high likelihood of having Impulse Control Disorder. Thus their chances of them losing their temper both more often and with greater magnitude is significantly higher. This is threat assessment signal should never be ignored.

This phenomenon has always been true - yet in the past decade, with the preponderance and ease of facial photos available via social media - the ability to vet people as potential "bad actors" is much easier than in the past. Moreover, their personality projected via social media tends to be amplified - for the vast majority of these individuals cannot resist to show their psyches to all who will look. Don't ignore this red flag.

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