Friday, July 22, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3631: Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech at the GOP Convention - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Last night Donald Trump accepted his party's nomination as the 2016 Republican candidate for President. He gave a long speech (73 minutes) and there are thousands of body language signals to evaluate, however three in particular are analyzed here.

Beginning at 0:01 Trump says, "America is far less safe - and the World is far less stable, then when Obama made the decision to put Hillary Clinton in charge of America's foreign policy. Let's defeat her in November, 'K? [Tight Forward Lip Purse, Whole Body Turn Left, Lapel Pull] I am certain - that it was a decision that President Obama truly regrets ..."

During 0:50 we see Donald Trump configure his mouth and lips in what is termed a "Forward Lip Purse". This is an indication of a clandestine plan and/or a clandestine disagreement. It is displayed only by a person who perceives himself to be an alpha relative to the people with whom he is speaking/interacting. Moreover it also signals that he believes he has a relatively good chance of implementing and succeeding in his plan.

During 0:50.8 - 0:53, Trump rotates to his left and then back forward again.

 The Republican Candidate then pulls forward his lapels in a false straightening gesture (0:54 - 0:55). This is an example of a hyper-alpha body language maneuver. It has the same emotional tone as if he were patting himself on the back, flexing his muscles in the mirror and marking his territory - all at the same time. This is a truncated version of our distant cousins - a dominance display of a silver back gorilla pounding on his chest. It's a wonderful example of how nonverbal behavior is so deeply rooted in our brains (yes, all of us - both republicans and democrats).

The earlier tight forward lip purse, the brief sideways turn and the lapel pull are all clustered together - grouped, congruent and reinforcing.

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