Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3609: Emma Watson, Tina Turner, Ring Tones and Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTO)

We always love embarrassing moments when it comes to celebrities. These occasions serve to make them more human. Showing their flaws endears them to us - and thus they build rapport with their fan base (although of course, they don't necessarily feel this way in the moment).

During a recent interview discussing her role as Belle in upcoming film, The Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson's phone rang - revealing her Tina Turner, Steamy Windows ring tone.

During 0:58 - 0:59, Emma's surprise is revealed by her vertically opened, oval mouth configuration. Her simultaneous closed eyes/extended blink is an emotional blocking behavior - similar to her arm crossing (below).

During 1:10 - 1:12, Emma Crosses her arms in a moment of emotional discomfort and low confidence.  Although she's a very skilled and accomplished actor, she is of course, only human. During moments of embarrassment (additionally revealed here by Ms. Watson's blushing plus her suppressed yet sincere smile), it's natural we will very often see a "drawing in" of the limbs for "protection". Of course it's not a physical protection here - but an emotional one.

People often will say, "I'm crossing my arms because I'm more comfortable this way". And while there certainly are such moments dictated by physical comfort, but always remember - our PHYSICAL comfort is dictated by what first makes us EMOTIONALLY comfortable - not the other way around.

Another nuance here is Emma's right hand (she's right hand dominant) is positioned beneath her left arm - which further underlines her temporary low confidence. It's also noteworthy that just after this moment (1:13) there is an skip/discontinuity in the video - which most likely indicates there were other nonverbal anxiety tells (along with verbal and paralanguage signals) which where edited-out.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3609: Emma Watson, Tina Turner and Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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