Monday, November 2, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3360: Donald Trump's Body Language Dissonance (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Within this GMA interview with Reince Priebus regarding the Republican Debates, there is a short but highly significant recent video segment of Donald Trump at a campaign event in a high school gymnasium (2:11 - 2:18).

A nonverbal mistake Trump makes very frequently (and, as a political candidate, carries particularly harsh ramifications) is that his body language sends out negative messages while his verbal messages are attempting the opposite.

In the image above (2:15) although he's not speaking, Mr. Trump is "Index Finger Pointing" while at the same time "Wagging" the same finger (indicating a patronizing dismissal). His facial expression shows a simultaneous expression of disgust. Any one of these three signals is highly negative and demonstrates extreme dissonance with any type of a positive message needed for building rapport and capturing the electorate. All three of these clustered together is quite telling - and profoundly rapport destroying.

Donald Trump is disgusted with the people who surround him. He is barely tolerating the campaign trail.

A moment later (above at 2:16) Trump displays a combination of more disgust coupled with a component of fear.

Several recent national polls have shown that Mr. Trump has slipped and Ben Carson is now in first by a significant margin.

What other conflicting signals does Donald Trump transmit here? How about Reince Priebus - what emotion is he feeling of which he isn't speaking?

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