Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3371: John Kasich at the Republican Debate - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Two nights ago during the Republican Debate in Milwaukee, John Kasich gave an answer regarding cutting taxes coupled with a simultaneous balancing of the budget.

Here is a portion of his answer, as Governor Kasich continues (beginning at 14:00):

"... That's why it's so important. And for those at the bottom, we've gotta do what we can to train them so that they can move up. But to just look the other way is not acceptable - because you know what? - As the Governor of Ohio, I have to deal with real challenges and we've gotten it done in our state and I will do it for America." [followed by jaw jut]



Notice Kasich's Eyebrows are vectored somewhat downward (although some of this eyebrow and eyelid configuration is passive, simply due to an age-related "droopiness"), along with elevated mid-facial tension, a flaring of his nostrils and a jaw jut without significant display of his lower teeth.

This nonverbal display indicates John Kasich is feeling anger along with a highly determined and defiant emotional tone. And while you may or may not Gov. Kasich, his policies or his politics - of all the republican candidates, he is the one who consistently displays the highest levels of sincerity.

Yet of course, he is far from nonverbally perfect. Earlier in this video clip for example, Governor Kasich repeatedly displayed what body language which is a strong rapport destroyer?

This website serves as an objective reference source for the science and art of Body Language/Nonverbal Communication. In an effort to be both practical and academic, many examples from/of varied cultures, politicians, professional athletes, legal cases, public figures, etc. are cited in order to teach and illustrate both the interpretation of others’ body language as well as the projection of one’s own nonverbal skills in many different contexts – not to advance any political, religious or other agenda.

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